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Last Updated: April 2010 does not sell magazines or magazine subscriptions. We provide a 'price comparison' style service whereby you can find the best prices being offered for a particular magazine or magazine subscription from one of our featured magazine suppliers. These companies and their web sites are totally outside of our control.

All information contained on the web site is provided by in good faith. Whilst endeavours to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and complete, assumes no responsibility for such information and and will accept no liability for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of this information and dealings with third party web sites. It is the responsibility of each user to check the individual terms of both the companies and their promotions.

Please check that you are satisfied with the magazine subscription service being provided on the third party sites as sometimes the data we are supplied by them is incorrect or out of date meaning the pricing we display may differ from the pricing on their own web sites. Whilst we apologise for any incorrect data, this is unfortunately beyond our control but as soon as any discrepancy is found, the respective company is notified.

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